I often work on several different machines, for different projects and things. It’s bloody annoying when I get the wrong machine!

I thought. I know what, I’ll make all of these machines use a colored prompt, and make that lot of machines use a different one.

(At this point, I should say that my dotfiles, and a variety of other things are kept in a subversion repo. Most of those bits are my-eyes-only (particularly a lot of the very badly/hastily thrown together scripts), but a few bits I’m gradually releasing.)

After mentioning this on twitter, a couple of people have been interested in how I did it.

The solution is quite easy, work out the hostname, and from that determine the ‘class’ of machine, and then apply some colors. The archwiki was useful in getting out the colors to use; along with underlining, and emboldening (I never use underlining, except in manuscript: ghastly thing that obscures text).

Whilst not perfect (the color parts could be set as a variable, and then passed to the PS1 line; I could have used “else” clauses…), it works. For me, so, erm, here’s my .bashrc — you want from the # work out machine name/domain: line.

A simple switch wotsits in screen(1), and

$ cd ~/pseudohome && svn up

followed with a

$ . .bashrc

is how I deploy (some people have an ‘svn up’ in their start-up scripts, I don’t).

Comments here, if you want to.

As my reader will know, I’m rather fond of lists. For a while, i’ve held back against Twitter Lists, not really seeing the point of them: my current client, Tweetdeck, after all, has categories for me; I rarely use the twitter website, and my pytwerp config/template is easy to grep, if I need to.

But, erm, yeah. I’ve made a start, and given how shit my memory is, I thought I’d explain (to you, and me) how I’ve categorized:

  • @adamamyl/foodies — people who write about food. Or like food
  • @adamamyl/burners — burners. as in burningman/nowhere/decompressions. fucking hippies
  • @adamamyl/uber-kewl-kids — mainly shops/products I really like
  • @adamamyl/lawyers — i seem to follow a few of ‘em: let’s put ‘em all together
  • @adamamyl/academics — self-explanatory, really
  • @adamamyl/public-life — better than “slebs”
  • @adamamyl/music-folks — people in the music industry, in one way or another
  • @adamamyl/technologists — people who fiddle with tech, new products, that sort of thing
  • @adamamyl/mafia — people who (will) run things.
  • @adamamyl/web-folks — people involved in web stuff and maybe social media, may include ruby people, as they’re not proper geeks
  • @adamamyl/usual-suspects — child-eating, crack-dealing refusniks (hi Stef!) who still won’t give up.
  • @adamamyl/politicos — those with political interests/aspirations. can also include current affairs/news
  • @adamamyl/representatives — people who’ve been elected, usually
  • @adamamyl/geeks — lovely people, really

got bored with the previous theme. it was a bit ugly, so, erm, let’s see if this one encourages me to post a bit more…


thoughts, dear reader?

Catching up on what’s farciacally described as “news” these days, I noticed in a BBC Report this little ‘gem’ (yes, dear reader, that’s sarcasm):

A spokeswoman for Ms Smith said: “The home secretary has always abided fully with Parliament’s clear rules on expenses and has long-standing written approval from the Parliamentary Fees Office for any agreed expenses.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but the article relates to Jacqui Smith as a CONSTITUENCY MP, not a frikking Cabinet Minister. I find it quite wrong for the spokeswoman to refer to her office, when it’s a matter of legislature, not executive.

Please, please, please, can people get SEPARATION OF POWERS, into their heads. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

well, it’s been a while since my last post, but on a mailing list recently, a subject close to my heart liver came up: gins (‘amyl.org.uk machines are named after spirits, after all)

So, erm, here are some thoughts:

Whilst I still mainly buy tanq (it’s just so easy to drink, and v. nice), I prefer drinking Miller’s neat, or Old Raj for hair-of-the-dog/breakfast
(seriously: in a high balloon’d wine glass, a couple of inches, swirl, knock back before brushing teeth/going to the khazi).

I’m also rather partial to Blackwood’s — particularly to add a little more to Pimm’s, and other drinks.

If i’m poaching fish, i’ll use blackwoods’ too: it’s not too over-powerful in the taste department.

Afternoon gin: Hendrick’s is quite nice — if you like cucumbery tastes.

Drinking nice gins, however, does encourage me to buy nice tonic-water (fentimans’ or fever tree – stupid fucking javascript URIs.). I’m not really a fan of Schweppes’ tonic: too much sugar for me. I quite like Sainsburys’ & Waitroses’ own brands of tonic; the Sainsbury’s with lime’s quite nice on its own, too.

As for Pimm’s, well, I have been known to make it without a ‘conventional’ mixer: my approach falls along these lines (but is always a case of each top-up will be different):

  • ⅓ ‘garden’
  • various fruits
  • various legume
  • sprigs of mint
  • a couple of handfulls of ice-cubes

  • ⅓ Pimm’s Number 1 cup
  • a very generous slug of either
  • gin,
  • cider,
  • beer (ale),
  • good quality white wine

– gin & cider sometimes work well together; </ul>
If there’s space, fill the rest up with lemonade, and stir well. Allow to fester for a couple of minutes, and serve.