Here’s what I’ve just sent to the London Decompression leads’ list; sadly, sometimes we have to take a stand for what we believe in

Following on from information about the proposed venue (‘Cable’) for this year’s London Decompression, their insistence on using “Clubscan” and my principles, I feel I can no longer be involved, or participate in this year’s London Decompression event.

Should there be a change in their deployment of the Clubscan products/services (or any such similar ones), I may be able to reconsider this.

I’m really quite disappointed that, as a group, we’ve not – to my knowledge (nothing’s been mentioned about it) – regarded privacy as a concern, or carried out (for example) a Privacy Impact Assessment.

Whilst many folks are content to abrogate their privacy, for some of us, it’s been an issue that we – and our forebearers – have fought for – and are still fighting: including taking matters to the courts.

It’s through privacy campaigning, that I became introduced to the Burner Community (as strange as that may seem). I know I’m not the only privacy-aware/concerned individual from amongst our community.

That’s even before the issue of bringing out passports/photo ID, let alone surrendering the data.

I should make it clear that, whilst I am a fairly well documented privacy campaigner, I’m far from the irrational knee-jerk contingency; I review matters and thence form rational decisions.

The whole concept irks me immensely, putting me at ideological differences with the rest of you.

In the spirit of collective decision making, I no longer wish to take a part, in the organizing, or the participation, sadly, of this year’s London Decompression. I know of friends who will not be participating, too.

As such, I have no choice but to step-down with immediate effect. Please do not contact me regarding anything relating to the London Decompression, unless it’s to say the Southwark Council have rescinded, and that the council/licensing board/venue chosen takes privacy seriously, and ceases to insist on the installation and use of any of the “Clubscan” sort of products. The whole principle – and their “argument” for the deployment, – does not, to me, hold water.

For the time being, whilst I further evaluate my feelings/options, I will not be rescinding the use of my domains. However, should this contemptuous disregard of privacy continue, the offer will not be available again.

I honestly wish that I could offer my hopes for the best, but under these circumstances, and my hardly concealed views, I don’t feel able to offer this. Particularly as it supports a company that, in my view, pushes the limits of the spirit of the law, as well as promulgating a ‘papers please’ culture: and that’s just to ‘have fun’.

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