I thought other listadmins might be having fun with gmail now being available in the UK (rather than “googlemail”, as it has been for a while (despite ‘gmail’ originally being available, back in the days of invitation only)), and thought I’d share my hackish way around this, so listfolks can post from their gmail.com addresses.

It’s not pretty, but works for me — pre-requisite, Mark’s very useful “non-members” script: http://www.msapiro.net/scripts/non_members

mkdir ~/tmp/gmail

#find who you need to work with:  
list_lists -b | while read L
        list_members ${L} | grep googlemail > ~/tmp/gmail/${L}

#Zap annoucement lists from the files, remove empty files, too.

#Let them post!  
/var/lib/mailman/bin$ ls -1 ~/tmp/gmail | while read L
    sed 's/@googlemail.com/@gmail.com/' ~/tmp/gmail/${L} | while read X
            ./non_members --list=${L} --filter=accept --add ${X} --verbose

(nb: the path (/var/lib/mailman/bin) is from a Debian machine — Mailman installed via packages — and in my case /var/lib/mailman/bin being in
my ${PATH} — so replace those as appropriate in your cases.)

Which seems to have done the trick.

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