Twitter lists

October 28, 2009

As my reader will know, I’m rather fond of lists. For a while, i’ve held back against Twitter Lists, not really seeing the point of them: my current client, Tweetdeck, after all, has categories for me; I rarely use the twitter website, and my pytwerp config/template is easy to grep, if I need to.

But, erm, yeah. I’ve made a start, and given how shit my memory is, I thought I’d explain (to you, and me) how I’ve categorized:

  • @adamamyl/foodies — people who write about food. Or like food
  • @adamamyl/burners — burners. as in burningman/nowhere/decompressions. fucking hippies
  • @adamamyl/uber-kewl-kids — mainly shops/products I really like
  • @adamamyl/lawyers — i seem to follow a few of ‘em: let’s put ‘em all together
  • @adamamyl/academics — self-explanatory, really
  • @adamamyl/public-life — better than “slebs”
  • @adamamyl/music-folks — people in the music industry, in one way or another
  • @adamamyl/technologists — people who fiddle with tech, new products, that sort of thing
  • @adamamyl/mafia — people who (will) run things.
  • @adamamyl/web-folks — people involved in web stuff and maybe social media, may include ruby people, as they’re not proper geeks
  • @adamamyl/usual-suspects — child-eating, crack-dealing refusniks (hi Stef!) who still won’t give up.
  • @adamamyl/politicos — those with political interests/aspirations. can also include current affairs/news
  • @adamamyl/representatives — people who’ve been elected, usually
  • @adamamyl/geeks — lovely people, really

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