If, like the guys in the ORG HQ, you find yourself unable to upload images in a WordPress Blog, and are befuddled by the reams of posts &c on the web, well, here’s another idea that might sort you out:

Remove the crap from old installs, in your ~/.mozilla directory. And by crap, well, I mean:

  • appreg
  • mozver.dat
  • pluginreg.dat
  • plugins/
cd .mozilla
rm -rf plugins/
rm appreg
rm mozver.dat
cd firefox/
rm -rf pluginreg.dat

Astonishingly, by removing a couple of bits of pelt, the uploads worked for the guys.

Seeing as this is my blog, and people expect me to be miserable, here’s my whine: why the fuck don’t people SEARCH THE FUCKING ARCHIVES on forums before posting a new question? I gave up, and went back to old-fashioned testing.

Oh, and I should probably plug a fairly new site I recently discovered: stackoverflow — about all I can whine about with that is that is uses OpenID…

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Published on December 02, 2013