Well, in an half-arsed manner, I’m finally catching up with this century’s gizmo, that most people didn’t believe I didn’t use.


I say kinda, ‘cos, despite having finally found something non-intrusive, and with a UI that doesn’t suck, I still don’t check the webpage it makes. Despite it updating.

Of course, I should have thought “I know who would have written something useful” donkey’s years ago. But I never did. Only recently, when hunting for Matilda did I think about it. *sigh*

So, there we have it. Next up is working a fix for it, to handle rss feeds which require basic-auth (trac-tastic!), and getting xkcd to display inline…

Next up: populating it a bit more, and then unsubscribing from some lists… well, maybe filter ‘em out…

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Bloody Twitter

Published on December 02, 2013